Dressing for Pandemic

I don't know about you but it feels like I am wearing my sweats everyday during the quarantine. Lately, I have been pairing them with some fun accessories so I don't look the same all the time. Try putting on some fun earrings, hat or sneakers and you will definitely look super stylish while you stay home or sneak out to run errands.

For me it's comfort first I gravitate to...a relaxed and casual look, we have to remember we are dressing for ourselves.

Yoga pants and sweatpants are now part of our fashion story but the most important item now seems to be the face mask, it's a signal that you care about your health and health of others. We have to remember some of this will pass and some will not but we are all going thru this together. 

If you're in the market for a mask that is functional and stylish then look no further than the breathable and washable Keiki Co face masks. When I'm out it's the mask you'll see me in!