Fashion Trends and Colors for 2020

Here is a glimpse of the spring and summer trends we’re following this year.

From bold fiery red to classic blues this year’s colors are definitely making a fashion statement. Sun dresses are all over the runway this season and our blue and white striped tank dress is perfect for a spring-time look this year.

The pink and green combination is making a comeback this season, it’s cool and refreshing and perfect to convey comfort and ease so be sure to look at our color block hoodie.

It would not be spring or summer without white to get us in the warm-weather mood so from our soft pullover hoodies to our classic small structured cross body bag we definitely have you covered.

This summer light weight sweaters are stylish and cozy and perfect for all occasions great for summer nights that are a bit breezy. What could be better than the color-block and multi-stripped sweaters that have been a big hit this year.

Just about every fashion magazine has been saying “it’s all about the pouch bag” so we couldn’t resist carrying the INZI woven pouch. It’s a staple for this season and comes in great accessory colors.

Other new fashion colors hot for the spring and summer season are pink (everyone has been loving the bubblegum shade—it really makes a statement), classic blues which conveys comfort and ease, and of course faded denim. Try something new like saffron to add a bold touch to your outfit.

We’ve been having fun with these trends and colors and we hope you’ll enjoy them too.