Important tips for health and fitness for beginners

Looking to start an exercise and fitness routine? Here's some important tips for  beginners:
  • Create a balanced routine, the department of health and human services recommends getting 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week
  • Stay hydrated—drinking fluids throughout the day is essential for maintaining health hydration
  • Balance diet—it helps support your fitness program
  • Warm up—it’s important to warm up before you work out
  • Cool down after you exercise

Exercising regularly is the best thing you can do for your health. Exercising does take determination and discipline. Every time I think about working out, I think of all the reasons why I should maybe start tomorrow. But I find out once I get myself going, I really do feel better. Working out can lift your mood, boost mental health, and can help you sleep better (it can even enhance your sex life).

Here are some common types of exercise:

  • Aerobic—it’s continuous movement, try swimming, running and even dancing
  • Strength—it increases your muscles, try weightlifting and sprinting
  • Calisthenics—body movement with gym equipment, such as lunges, sit ups, and pull ups
  • Balance and stability—strengthens muscles and improves body coordination
  • Flexibility—muscle recovery, maintain your range of motion, yoga works well

You can do some of these activities individually or combined. Make a plan and set realistic goals. Be sure to check your health with your doctor. Try and make it a habit. I find working out with a friend helps a lot...nothing better than to help a friend reach their goal as well.

Here is a sample week for you to try:

  • Monday...40 min jog or take a brisk walk
  • day
  • Wednesday...walk briskly for 30 min
  • day
  • Friday...30-40 min bike ride or try some aerobics
  • day
  •, jog or take a long walk for 40 min

You can do this and I guarantee you will feel so much better and it will be the best for your health.