Look and Feel Good at Home

I think we can all admit we don’t feel 100% all the time. Even the most beautiful and successful people have off days—maybe we need a shift in perspective.  These tips may help you see yourself in a positive way:

  1. Exercise—something we all dread but it can help you feel more attractive as well as giving you some time for yourself.
  2. Smile—it helps as others see you and how you see yourself. Look into a mirror and smile. It’s a signal of warmth. People who smile more can actually feel happier.
  3. Give a compliment, it boost your self-image. When you give others compliments, making others feel good about themselves, it makes you more attractive.
  4. Give yourself a pep talk! Take time to notice positive qualities about yourself.
  5. Avoid self-sabotage. Don’t dwell on negative aspects about yourself, it will only give you self-doubt. Pay attention to your negative statements.
  6. Look at your relationships. If people put you down and are rude to you cut those people out of your life. Spend time with people and friends that support you.
  7. Always try to have a sense of humor. Laughing makes you more at ease, it takes pressure off of you, and makes you feel more positive.
  8. Have SEX...having sex is the best way to boost yourself image. Having sex with a supportive partner will help with confidence and self-image.
  9. Wear a different color it makes you feel more confident. A study shows wearing red makes women more attractive to men. 

I’m off for some shopping and guess what color top I’m getting…